Why is better to build tennis hall made of laminated timber? Polska wersja językowa

There are many reason for that, we are showing only few of them:

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construction made of laminated timber Glued laminated timber is one of the most technologically advanced forms of natural building material with unique physical characteristics and uses.

Thanks to its structural properties and the possibility of almost any shape, glued laminated timber is used to create very interesting architectural elements.


Church from 1150 Wood is a natural material - as opposed to steel and reinforced concrete, that makes them resistant to aggressive environments. In this way is applied in the construction of objects such as pool roofing, storage of salt, fertilizeretc.
All iron joints are made of galvanized and stainless steel.

Moisture-resistant adhesives are used for the production of glued laminated timber. As a result, glued laminated timber can be used in most facilities (eg sports halls, swimming pools) without further impregnation. Our arches are additionally impregnated, contributing to a high resistance to biological corrosion.

  No water condensation on arches

One problem that occurs in the halls made of steel in Poland is the problem of water condensation on the arches of the hall during the winter and its dripping later onto the court and the players.
This causes the formation of puddles and holes in the courts which substantially reduces the playing comfort. This problem is much greater on the clay courts (in order to verify this phenomenon we suggest visiting any indoor tennis courts into a steel hall during the winter season, and for sure you notice holes in the court due to condensation and drip water).

In the case of wooden arches, in practice, this phenomenon does not occur.

  Fire Resistance

Strength validation and fire endurance of glued-laminated timber beams Glued laminated timber meets all the standards against fire.

Contrary to stereotypes, glued laminated timber is the material more resistant to fire than steel. After the fulfillment of conditions such as chamfered edges and planed surface, the outer part which is charred in a fire, creates protection for the carrier - the inner part of arcs.

This makes that wood laminate structures are highly stable under the load of fire and can easily meet all the standards.


Mostek termiczny - przykład działania Thanks to its very low thermal conductivity, wood embedded in the structure does not cause thermal bridges, and, in fact it also isolates. It works perfectly at both high and low temperatures.

Therefore, the sports hall is made of wood has less heat loss than the same hall based on the steel arches.

Hence, the cost of heating of tennis hall made of glued laminated timber are lower than the cost of heating a steel hall. In addition, wood bows do not heat up during the summer and do not cause additional heating of the hall.

  Economic reasons

In the case of sports halls, main savings reveal during the opereting those facilities

Tennis halls made of laminated timber,do not require any ongoing maintenance or renovation. Properly designed and constructed wooden structure is part of the long-lived in the buildings.

For comparison, steel structures require regular maintenance and renovation every few years, for example, is a renewal of anticorrosion coatings and fireproofing. This generates additional unnecessary costs and in many cases it is necessary to close the entire facility for the duration of the maintenance work.

  Beauty of wood

Wood tennis hall Laminated wood looks exactly the same as solid wood. In other words, it makes friendly and warmfull atmosphere. It relaxes the people in the building - after all, wood is the most natural building material.

Laminated wood is mainly used as a construction material but at the same time creates a nice and pleasant atmosphere which contributes to the desire to stay in the hall what affects the working environment and increases the desire to stay in the building.

We offer a high quality product made of laminated wood, which will increase the rank of your facility.

  Our price

We offer you high class product in the very competitve price even to price of tennis halls made of steel

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