Tennis Courts Polska wersja językowa

We build tennis courts with surface made of clay or synthetic grass

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  Basic information about Tennis Courts

Standard tennis court is a rectangle with a length of 23.77 m (78 ft) and a width of 8.23 m (27 ft) to play single or 10,97 m (36 ft) to play doubles matches. In addition, you need include clear space around the court (at least 5,50 m behind baseline) and at least 3,05 m on the sides. Consequently, the whole tennis court is rectangle of 34.80 m to 17.10 m

Tennis court dimensions

In the case of the construction outdoor courts, the desirable orientation is North/South. The reason of that is to avoid background glare in the morning or evening.

  Synthetic grass courts (artificial turf)

Synthetic grass court More and more popular are the synthetic grass courts. The main advantage of such tennis courts, compering to clay or natural grass courts, is the reduction of maintenance. They do not require constant leveling, irrigation, or other permanent work to maintain high levels of quality and what is more. they wear out very slowly. Another advantage of such courts is that they do not soil environment and there is not everywhere spread clay dust. This increases the comfort of such courts for all its users.

Advantages of synthetic grass courts:

  • ease of maintance
  • no dirt/clay dust
  • ability to perform slides on the court
  • a high level of cushioning the joints during the game
  • low injurability

  Clay courts

Clay tennis court Clay courts are still the most popular type of tennis courts in many countries around the world, including Poland. The name is due to the mix of the characteristic red color representing the top layer of the court. The clay courts are among the least injuryable tennis fields. With its natural cushioning and ability to perform on them slides significantly reduce the risk of injury. Another advantage thereof is that it is made of natural materials, which does not disturb the biological equilibrium at their inception.

  • a high level of cushioning the joints during the game
  • low injurability
  • ability to perform slides on the court
  • natural materials
  • hard and expensive maintance
  • need of maintance work after every game
  • maintain the proper humidity court is problematic in winter
  • spread of the clay what soiling surrounding